Unique Features of GS Classroom Programme

I. This programme includes : (a) General Studies (Main), (b) General Studies (Preliminary), (c) CSAT (Preliminary), (d) Essay (Main), (e) Test Series (Preliminary & Main)

II. Newspaper (The Hindu) topics, relevant for the examination, are given on a daily basis

III. Relevant Topics of 5 magazines are given on fortnightly & monthly basis : (a) Frontline, (b) Science Reporter, (c) World Focus, (d) Yojana, (e) Kurukshetra

IV. Topics and zerox of India are given

V. Topics and zerox of Economic Survey are given

Note : (1), (2), (3) & (4) create complete basis for Current Affairs. No other readings are required except given by the institute (In class or through computerised notes)

VI. All relevant notes (In computerised form)

VII. Test series (Prelim & Main) — Part of the class and there is no additional fees

VIII. Teaching based on comprehensive "white board work" which help in understanding of development & interconnections

IX. E-mail facility for problem solving

X. Free repetition of classes for next attempts

XI. Free current notes for subsequent years

XII. Seperate discussion classes for the beginners

XIII. Special Focus on New Topics of GS (Main) including Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude.