About The Institute

Hemant Jha IAS Academy, a centre of excellence for the Civil Services Examination, was set up in 1999-2000 in the name of Career Point, with the avowed aim of giving a new orientation to the studies and preparation for the Civil Services Examination. The name has been changed from Career Point to Hemant Jha IAS Academy since January 2014.

The principal objective of this venture is to organise classes, integrating lectures on compulsory subjects & popular optional subjects, orientation classes, tests, seminars and interview sessions for the Civil Services Examination.

The progressive development of the institute with about 700-800 odd candidates enrolled in each session and over 100 candidates making it to the Civil Services and 3-4 every year, truly reflects the incessant saga of its sincere and honest endeavour and its commitment to the students.

The institute has given birth to a cult of entrepreneurship, trying out new ways of doing things, not only from academic stand point but taking overall responsibility for the success of the Civil Services aspirants also. Entreprenership is not restricted to business alone—here entrepreneurship is desirable and important in making preparation for the Civil Services Examination.

Over the years the contours of the trends of the Civil Services Examination have undergone a change. There has been a paradigm shift in the course contents of the General Studies & many optional subjects. The competition has grown stiffer and now poses greater challenges.
The institute has given a new direction to the teaching methods—it has propounded new formulae of success — and it has been incessantly shouldering new responsibilities in order to support the students.

Since its establishment, the institute has produced hundreds of IFS, IAS, IPS and IRS members.