The saga of success begins in the very first year of the establishment of the institute.

S.R. Ponkshe got 20th rank and Pooja Singhal got 26th rank in the Civil Services Examination 1999-2000. This is a very rare feat of achievement that an institute produces two top rankers among many other successful candidates out of its first academic session of Main Examination & Interview.
In 2000-2001, though several candidates qualified yet the institute failed to produce any top rankers. In the year 2002-03 the institute again produced top rankers like Mayur Maheshwari (6th rank), Awantika Gautam (15th rank), Bandana Preyasi (16th rank), Roopwant Singh (28th rank) among many other successful candidates
The list of successful candidates kept on increasing since 2002-03 reaching over 100 every year. Besides the year 2002-03 onwards, the number of top rankers among top 50 too kept on increasing every year.
Though space does not permit mention of all, yet some of them are worth mentioning.
Tukaram Munde got 20th rank in 2005-06 and his selection brought about a revolutionary trend in the civil services preparation among the rural candidates in Maharasthra. Jatin Nariwal got 40th rank in the same year and became a model of Civil Services preparation in Haryana. Govind Jaiswal got 48th rank in 2006-07.
The selection of Nabnita Chakravarti (16th rank, Civil Service Examination, 2007-08) gave a great boost to the candidates preparing in the state of Assam. In the same year the other girl who got a high rank is Neelima (23rd rank).
The selection of two sisters Kinjal Singh (25th rank, 2008-09) and Pranjal Singh, whose both the parents were no more when they were prepareing symbolises a great inspiration for such candidates.
Saket Kumar got 13th rank and Sajjan Kumar got 29th rank in the same year (2008-09).
Rajiv Roushan achieved 23rd rank in 2009-10 and became an inspiration for the civil services aspirants in Bihar.
The selection of K. Kaushal (3rd rank, 2009-10) is the story of another brilliant performance marking the beginning of the era of women toppers like Shena Aggarwal in 2011-12 and Haritha V. Kumar in 2012-13.
And the saga of success continues till today..................
Almost every Civil Services aspirant with History optional is associated with Hemant Jha IAS Academy through classroom programme or online programme or correspondence programme or guidance programme.